Parasite that burrows into vaginal openings and integrates itself with the host. Causes hormonal imbalances. Alters the host for its agenda of propagation by increasing libido and arousal. Incubates in host womb and replicates, then spreads to others via sexual intercourse.

The tendrils on the rear of the parasite can merge with the host flesh and integrate themselves into the nervous system. In females, the target is the clitoral nervous system around the vaginal walls. The entire parasite thus becomes part of the hosts clitoral sensory system. It flattens itself against the inner, upper vaginal wall and heavily stimulates the host whenever they are penetrated. Penetration using the parasite as a cock results in extreme clitoral stimuli for the host. Lesser minds are consumed by pleasure.

When inserted into the anal cavity of males, it goes through a similar process except it networks with the prostate instead of the clitoral system.

If the parasite is inserted into the oral cavity, it slides down into the stomach.

In all cases, the werm excretes fluids changing the pH and chemical composition of its environment, making it more suitable for birthing. Reproduction of the werm itself occurs more efficiently than other parasite types as well. The werm can inject spawn into any cavity it penetrates during copulation.

Creation and Uses (outside if breeding)

Within the Sanctum you can merge a set amount of Werm to create 1 of the other Parasites

In Part 2 and Part 4 by merging 20 Werm you make a Werm Biosuit.

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