Rene is female Antari who you first meet on the spaceship in part 1, her job is the cook and is easily seduced if you also look like an alien.

During part 2 you meet her again at the Mall Parking Structure where she ambushes you and zap you with a raygun that temporarily stuns you and scrambles your thoughts, she then sticks a metal pen like device into your neck choker and penetrates the werm in your brain controlling it, she orders it to suck her pussy.

you continue to suck her until You are interrupted - a hoard of sexually aroused people comes charging through the parking garage. Rene manages to fight off the crowd for a bit, and grabs her tattered clothes, a small metal sphere falls out of it.

She blasts a couple more of the infested with her gun before turning to you, giving you the finger, and activating some kind of cell phone in her jumpsuit. A bright glow surrounds her, and she teleports away.

The small metal sphere that fell out just so happens to be the crucial missing component for the spaceship.

Alternate event ending

If you try to interact with Rene before you have infected enough people in the mall then you wont get interrupted and continue obeying her. this pathway is currently not finished and you will have to use the back buttons to come back later after infecting more people.

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