Version 4.08 Introduced new parasite birthing mechanics with several new Parasite Mutations/colors obtained through similar methods.

By wearing a Werm Biosuit and collecting various semen types and then inserting a parasite into your womb you randomly get 1 of the following mutations/colors for your chosen parasite.

E.g If you have Parasite and Human semen in your womb when you put a parasite into you, you have a random chance to get either a Blue, Red or purple.

  • Blue (extreme hive mind) => Parasite
  • Red (independent, violent) => Human
  • White (robotic, vibration) => Parasite + Antari
  • Purple (combination blue/red, consensual) => Human + Parasite

Effects include

  • Blue: Host Instantly accepts infestation
  • Red: Increases force
  • White: Resistance decreases
  • Purple: Perversion increases

All mutated parasites merge with the body instantly.
You also cannot Fertilize any Mutated parasite or mind fuck anyone that has a Mutated choker on their neck.

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