"Burrows into the neck, inducing the growth of a canal directly into the brain. It anchors itself around the neck using modified legs which resemble tentacles covered in cilli. Attaches itself to the host brain and induces sexual urges to reproduce as well as feelings of inadequacy and submission. Alters the body of the host slowly over time.

It infests a host rapidly and reliably. This mutation influences the attitude of host organisms, making them desire to breed above all else. When infesting Antari, the choker is often completely covered by hair and remains concealed. Short haired individuals would be at risk for exposure. The parasites apparently understand this and induce hair growth in some, but not all instances.

These parasites are responsible for low-level mind control, These parasites create a tube that links to the brain and It has been observed that werm parasites can use this tube to directly link to the brain of a host. If a werm uses the choker for brain infestation, the choker loses its ability to produce eggs.

Creation and Uses (outside if breeding)

Within the Sanctum you can merge 6 Werm to create 1 Choker

In Part 2 and Part 4 by merging 20 Choker you make a Choker Biosuit.

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