The main protagonist of the story


Part 1

Starting the story at part 1 you chose your gender, while working at your crappy job you are surrounded by a strange light. You wake up on an operation table with your lower half exposed. You are in a space ship and had been abducted by aliens, you get up to find a strange parasite squirming up your leg and infect you.

  • If you start as Chet (male) the parasite will enter your Anus
  • If you start as Chloe (female) the parasite will enter your vagina

After you see an unconscious alien doctor and take her jumpsuit and start your adventure.

Part 2

If you start your story in part 2 instead you'll wake up in your bedroom from a strange dream and find a canister containing a parasite, during the first 3 days you find more parasites in your room, what you do with them is up to you.

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