4.09 (Patron)


Added the ability to orgasm(can collect jism fluids) during sex acts options:

  • Use Penis (penis_vagina, penis_mouth, penis_anus)
  • Use Vagina: (Get Fucked) (vagina_coitus)
  • Use Mouth: (Suck target breasts)/(Kiss) (mouth_suckbreasts, mouth_kiss)

Added mutated self infestation werm ass picture links

Added mutated self infestation options

[Cheat Menu] Added options to gain mutated parasites

[Part 5] Added scout missions:

  • Prepare supplies for the mission
  • Send at least one infested companion, and up to two infested and one non-infested (the more companions chosen, the faster the supplies consumption during each scouting turn, but the scouting progress on each turn will increase too)
  • At certain scouting progressions - new places will be available (every main third place that is 100% scouted will have a shortcut to the its first counterpart)
  • Get biosuits and eggs during scouting
  • Getting to a negative supplies value during a scouting mission will result into losing any collected items (some items that are lost/taken are finite in each place)
  • Added infestation events (can infest if there is a not infested NPC within the party)

[Part 5] Added detection threat meter to the Enclave passage

[Part 5] Added the option to do self infestations

Changes & Fixes

Corrected image links for canal art in mutated werm infestations

Mutated canal & werm NPC hand infestation fix

Corrected self infestation display to inform about mutated parasites attached to body

[Part 4] Fixed a bug where the occupied character can be neckfucked

[Part 4] Fixed choker merging bug at chapter start

Now when mutating a parasite inside the womb with the werm suit, the womb cannot be stuffed with anything else. If there is a parasite inserted in the womb for mutation - the suit cannot be taken off

[Part 2] Gabrielle infection fix through the Break Room

[Part 5] Corrected the parasite gain to how is described at start of chapter (1 werm, 1 canal, 1 starfish, 1 choker egg)

[Part 4] Fixed a bug where Ormus can be re-infested multiple times without even having the needed parasites (1 choker & 1 werm)

[Part 2] Fixed a bug where you can’t interrogate Joan with a mutated choker on neck

Fixed a bug where the NPC infected with a mutated choker, starfish or hand canal cannot be further infested in the occupied orifice with a werm (for example, if NPC is infected with a red choker, the infest brain option will be infinite and the orifice will not be infested)

Infestation of NPCs changes:

  • Fixed canal hand merging bugs
  • Mutated canal generic images links inclusion
  • Mutated choker generic images links inclusion
  • Mutated werm generic images links inclusion
  • Red canal hand infestation now correctly adds up hosts force stat
  • Added the option to infest starfish infested breasts with werm parasites
  • White werm pussy infestation now correctly calculates resistance
  • Added mutated choker egg infestations (also, the inserted type of egg will be displayed on NPC description page)
  • Mutated choker egg infestation cause NPCs to gain/lose force, resistance or perversion stats on each insertion

4.08 (Public)


[Part 5] Added more female portrait art

[Cheat menu] Added the option to get biosuits on part 4 and onwards

[Part 4] Added Gentech Room that can be used to gestate biosuits (can be accessed from Hospital)

[Part 4] Hospital is now an infestable place, 2 lvls

Added parasite incubation description during night and in the Gender and Physique of main character

Changes & Fixes

Mutated infestation changes:

  • Crotch choker images inclusion
  • Breast starfish image links corrections
  • Mouth werm image link inclusion
  • Hand werm image link inclusion 
  • Hand canal image link inclusion

Trap chance for mutated werms and chokers was changed

4.07 (Patron page only)

4.07 was a quick release that was only available to patrons. It included everything that 4.08 has but minus additional artwork the author was waiting on. Rather than let everyone wait for another week or two longer they decided to release 4.07 as a Patron Exclusive versions and once the artwork was ready would be released in the form of the now public release 4.08.

4.06 (Patron)


[Part 1] Every masturbation option will result in orgasm

Changes & Fixes

Biosuit/egg womb insertion bugfix (cannot insert egg into womb if there is a gestating biosuit and vise versa)

Fixed breast starfish self infestation picture links (human and Antari)

Fixed the bug where you can use your 0(zero) size penis during sex acts

Fixed the canister bug when exiting to part 2 through escape pod

When passing from part 1 to part 2 not birthed choker eggs will be transferred to inventory

Werm hand infinite self infestation bug fix

[Part 2] Infection/infestation of the these mall shops will decrease some amount of detection threat:

  • Always19
  • Hairplane
  • Jewels by Fewls
  • Molten Topic
  • Radhatters
  • Wet Kiss
  • Cross

4.05 (Public)


Chloe vagina self infestation picture inclusion

[Part 4] Infectable break room in hospital

[Part 5] Generator and Water Pump events that are initiated through talk options

[Part 5] Talk restriction options by time

[Part 5] Talk module

[Part 5] NPCs appear in different passages every time turn

[Part 5] Added trust stat

[Part 5] NPC supply missions added

Changes & Fixes

Self-infestation breaking bugfixes (bugs occur in parts beyond 2):

  • Werm pussy infestation
  • Werm mouth infestation
  • Werm breast infestation
  • Werm ass infestation
  • Brain infestation
  • Choker infestation
  • Canal vagina infestation
  • Canal mouth infestation
  • Canal ass infestation
  • Starfish breast infestation (Infecting yourself with the starfish will not send you to other chapters)
  • Choker crotch infestation
  • Egg womb infestation
  • Egg mouth infestation
  • Egg ass infestation
  • Biosuit peeling off
  • Werm suit infestation
  • Star suit infestation
  • Canal suit infestation
  • Choker suit infestation

[Part 4] ‘Arena Of Destiny’ room infestation fix

[Part 4] Infectable break room in hospital

[Part 4] Changed ‘Arena of Destiny’ to ‘Arena Of Destiny’ 

[Part 4] Fixed the the Politician infestation bug

4.04 (Public)


[Part 4] Added canal hand and werm NPC infestations

[Part 4] Now there are self-infestation options for the currently occupied body

Added canal hand and werm palm infestation possibility

[Part 5] NPC location shifts

[Part 5] Added beginnings of Part 5

Changes & Bug Fixes

[Part 4] Dark Holosensory Deck has been replaced with Antari Black Market

Handholding sex acts condition fix

4.03 (Patron)


Encounter expansion: Chase away not related people

Updated female friend art

Changes & Fixes

[Part 2] Canister obtainment fix. Now all of the canisters will be obtainable

Removed the option to “infect mall” during mindfuck sex if not in part 2

[Part 4] Fixed the occurrence where you can flirt with Fango even after arena fight

[Part 4] Fixed the ‘Social status is undefined’ cases in the arena of destiny

[Part 2] Fixed broken sex scenes for Claire, Brett and Linda

4.02 (Public)


[Part 3] Added skips to part 3 to fix progression

[Part 4] Fango can now be a fighting target for an arena battle

[Part 4] Now Fango can be flirted with

Changes & Fixes

[Part 2] Canal image fix for gestating Robyn

[Part 4] Now the player can’t flirt with a brain infested NPC

[Part 4] Now the player cannot swap with a NPC body that was brain infested

[Part 4] Now if the player is not antari and the target NPC is not infested initiating sex will cause a detection spike

[Part 4] Initiate sex is now restricted under social antari relationships between the initiator and target



[Part 4] Added ‘slave capture squad’ missions (available from the main house passage)

[Part 4] Added ‘broodmother’ slave group, which is responsible for birthing parasites overnight (depends on each individuals stats)

[Part 2] Added Gabrielle bad end art

[Part 2] Added Robyn pregnant/large breast art

Changes & Fixes

[Part 4] Text simplification in house passage and show/hide toggle options

[Part 4] Now the log during the night will show the countdown till the slave capture mission is completed

[Part 4] Highlights over the slaves stats will show how substantial they are in each corresponding slave group, the same corresponds for the slaves names

[Part 4] Now the the main house can be upgraded to a maximum of lvl 2

[Part 4] Slave system now relies on the stats of the slaves on gaining money

[Part 4] Fixed the chaotic shuffling of slaves when transferring slaves between different slave groups (now the transferred slave will be placed at the bottom of the list that will receive the slave)

[Part 4] The gain of unlimited amounts of slaves in the main house was restricted to be used under the cheat menu (the option will be seen after the cheat menu is active)

Fixed the "Re-cache" audio button in Settings

Fixed the "mute all" sound in the settings options (the bug: after loading a save that had sound muted - it will still play it, before you go to the settings again)

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