Biosuit creation

Part 2

you can use the Clean Room which is part of the Laboratory and will only be unlocked after infecting Gabrielle with a parasite.

Part 4

You can use the Gentech Room in the Hospital and will only be unlocked after infecting Reina with a parasite.

You'll need 20 of any parasite type to create a Biosuit. Biosuits are created as larvae and must be incubated in a womb to mature. They can be transferred between wombs from the player to another character. It takes approximately 10 days for a Biosuit larvae to mature.

Continually wearing any Biosuit for more than 5~7 days will result in it permanently merging to the wearer making it impossible to remove it or put on another Biosuit.

Biosuit Types

Werm Suit - assault

  • During sex has the ability to infest all orifices (PC+NPC) with Werms
  • ability to infest with werm spawn from distance
  • 100% chance of forcible infestation (Combat/Part 3)

Canal Suit - recon/incursion

  • During sex has the ability to infest all orifices (PC+NPC) with canals
  • can pass detailed physical exam without infestation being detected
  • stealth/camouflage to defeat surveillance (Combat/Part 3)
  • increased ability to discern security systems (Combat/Part 3)

Choker Suit - support/logistic, chemical warfare

  • During sex has the ability to mind control the NPC as if you had mindfucked them
  • improved gestation
  • improved incubation
  • create high density traps that have 100% chance of infestation
  • create tentacle pits
  • long distance parasite infestation

Star Suit - biological/psychological support

  • During sex has the ability to infest breasts (PC+NPC) with Starfish and increase their bust size while reducing your own.
  • use lactation to produce psychotropic substances
  • increase/decrease force/resistance
  • allow instant acceptance of body changes
  • stealth direct infection (Combat/Part 3)


Upon first wearing the star Starfish Biosuit you feel it sharply digging into your abdomen attempting to grow extra breasts, Once it has fully merged with the main character it will have grown an extra pair of breasts on the user. (also updates the image)

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